by Clara Howell

October 22, 2020

It's not common to hear the words COVID-19 and rainbows in the same sentence, but for Lake Oswego artist Tanmaya Bingham, she hopes there will be a "pot of gold" at the end of all the obstacles this year has thrown at society....

2019 HI FRUCTOSE MAGAZINE Vol. 53: Tanmaya Bingham

by Clayton Schuster

October 01, 2019

In this six page spread written by Clayton Schuster you learn about Tanmaya Bingham and her newest series Cosmic Garden 2018, colored pencil and mixed media on panel. Due to copyright- you are only able to read article by purchasing a copy of magazine.

2019 AVERAGE ART MAGAZINE: 32 March 2019

March 01, 2019

"Average Art Magazine is an industry focused art zine. Our goal is to draw attention to self representing artists."

2018 VOGUE LIVING AU: Art & Design- Art House

June 01, 2018

"From their home in a corner of inner Sydney, two art aficionados lovingly curate a wall-to-wall selection of eclectic works."

2017 A5 MAGAZINE: Portfolio #9 December

December 01, 2017

"A5 Magazine is an industry focused art zine. Our goal is to draw attention to self representing artists."

2017 WIDEWALLS: A Group Thing- Nine artists take over Stephanie Chefas Projects

by Elena Martinique

May 11, 2017

 Tanmaya Bingham aims to introduce a different and often macabre perspective on the world that is rapidly becoming homogenized...

2016 ARTNET: Heart and Soul Featuring the Art of Tanmaya Bingham

December 09, 2016

Tanmaya’s portrayal of her subjects is a direct reflection of her fascination with the human condition. People and animals are often the focal point of the work...

2016 PASATIEMPO: Tanmaya Bingham at Peters Projects

by Michael Abatemarco

December 09, 2016

Bingham, a skilled draftswoman and painter, creates surreal compositions with elements of fantasy and photorealism. Her animal portraits are visual metaphors for the human condition... 

2016 PLATINUM CHEESE: Tanmaya Bingham's Exaggerated Renditions of Life

by Stephanie Chefas

October 27, 2016

Just recently, I was introduced to the surreal paintings of Tanmaya Bingham and I have to say it was love at first sight. The context is otherworldly and through her subjects...

2016 SURFACE: Sydney

by Emma Sloley

October 03, 2016

...and Brenda May Gallery, which represents artists like Tanmaya Bingham, known for her multimedia works featuring luminescent bodies and strange creatures. 

2016 NEW AMERICAN PAINTINGS: Instinctual Feast

West Issue 126.

October 01, 2016


Instinctual Feast is a series of five hand-drawn and painted artworks that represents the ever-elusive state of love. Incorporating religious objects, luscious fruits and vegetables, and animal forms...

2016 OH, BY THE WAY: BEAUTY: Painting--Tanmaya Bingham

by Jeff

July 20, 2016

In her new series Instinctual Feast, painter Tanmaya Bingham uses the template of ancient allegorical painting to portray...

2016 HI FRUCTOSE MAGAZINE: Tanmaya Bingham's Collage-Like Works Explore Love and Humanity

by Margot Buermann

July 19, 2016

Instinctual Feast is the latest series by Tanmaya Bingham, comprised of five mixed-media works that explore the many facets and faces of human connection. Specifically, the series represents ideas of ecstasy, pining, pleasure, compassion, and lust – all intrinsic parts of a deeply personal yet universally understood experience.

Copy Of -2014 THE ART LIFE: English Tea Party...gone wrong

by Sharne Wolff

October 21, 2014

Just sitting down to read the newspaper with a nice relaxing cuppa? Ever wondered why Sukey took the kettle off and they all went away? The Urban Dictionary defines tea as 'a drug stereotypically popular in England...sold in brightly coloured boxes advertising its health prpperties...highly addictive'. It seems artist Tanmaya Bingham...

2014 SYDNEY MORNING HERALD: ART- Tanmaya Bingham's slyly witty installation English Tea Party...Gone Wrong

by Nicole Elphick

October 05, 2014

ART Tanmaya Bingham's slyly witty installation English Tea Party...Gone Wrong (until November 1) delvers into British obsession with tea through large=scale drawings and images created on found chinaware...

2013 THE MAGAZINE:Tanmaya Bingham: I Got My Mom's Boobs

by Iris McLister

November 01, 2013

at Jay Etkin Gallery, the artist was sitting cross-legged on the floor, eyes focused on the screen of her MacBook. Commanding, life-sized paintings of mothers and daughters surrounded her. Like twenty-first century Mona Lisas, they smile quietly and dreamily; they are protective and open; they are triumphantly, archetypally feminine. Bingham looked up at me with a puzzled smile and asked, “What do I name these?...

2013 THE ART LIFE: Mighty Small

by Sharne Wolff

July 19, 2013

‘Great  things  are  done  by  a  series  of  small  things  brought  together’  or  at  least  that’s  what  Vincent Van  Gogh  is  supposed  to  have  said.  At  Brenda  May  Gallery  curator  Olivia  Welch  is  attempting great  things  for  her  small  but  ‘mighty’  show  where  she’s  collected  the  work  of  around  18  artists

2013 TIME OUT SYDNEY: Arts, Drawings, Exhibitions, Installation, Paintings, Sculpture, Waterloo

July 19, 2013

In conjunction with their exhibition Might Small, BMG have installed a converted snack-vending machine in the gallery this month, full of bite-sized artworks...

2013 BRENDA MAY GALLERY BLOG: Q and A with Tanmaya Bingham

by Olivia  Welch

July 07, 2013

What is your earliest memory of making art? 
I have many, but the one that sticks out the most is when I was 11 or 12 and I would stay up all night drawing copies of old master's portraits. In addition to this, I would draw portraits of my friends and family whom were very nice despite my frustration at them always moving...

2013 NINU NINA BLOG: Q and A with Tanmaya Bingham

by Leila Antakly

July 02, 2013

1.brief bio on you and your work, how you got started? your experience in the art world?

I used to think I could demystify, unravel and reveal our dynamics and patterns as humans.  The further I go down the creative path the more I realize this is a pointless quest because it is void of mystery. Although we often fear the unknown and unpredictable we overtly or covertly desire its magic...

2012 NEW AMERICAN PAINTINGS: Countermanding Saturation

West Issue 102.

October 01, 2012


My artworks investigate human dynamics and neurological processes. My focus is on psychological, sociological, and genealogical patterns that occur within the context of my life and that of my immediate circles...


July 01, 2012

SHADES OF LIGHT AND DARK See the works of contemporary artists including Shannon Doyle, Tanmaya Bingham...

2011 SYDNEY MORNING HERALD: Going, going...

December 23, 2011

The figures in artist Bingham's exhibition Countermanding Saturation seek peace from an overstimulated world...

2011 THE MAGAZINE: Letters

November 01, 2011

An exhibition of mixed-media works by Tanmaya Bingham- Las Supper: Family Style...

2011 PASATIEMPO- THE NEW MEXICAN: Take it Interpersonal

by Jennifer Levin

October 21, 2011

"When you have people in your life who've died, they kind of get this saintly air to them. When people reference them, they tend to turn things about them that originally could have been pejorative into a positive" Tanmaya Bingham explained...

2011 THE REPORTER: Last Supper, Family Style

by Matthew Irwin

October 19, 2011

We think the woman in Tanmaya Bingham's mixed-media piece--now on display at Box Gallery--is saying something like this: "Hey, girl, don't look now, but that guy...hey, you looked!"...

2010 DAILY TELEGRAPH SYDNEY: The Art of Tolerance

by Elizabeth Fortescue

May 17, 2010

IT MUST be quite confronting to be asked by Tanmaya Bingham if she can paint your portrait. It's not just the shape of your nose or the colour of your hair she's trying to capture...


April 01, 2010

“For this exhibition, Levels of Tolerance, I have developed a series of artworks about five couples and their levels of tolerance for one another. Each colour pencil and mixed media work provides an otherworldly portrait of one of these couples along with various icons that populate their universe...

2010 THE AGE: A2: My Space Tanmaya Bingham

by Lindy Percival

February 13, 2010

THE complex and intricate works of Tanmaya Bingham emerge from an inner-city studio that is stripped bare of all but the essentials of artistic production. Propped against otherwise bare walls, her pencil-drawn images combine self and family portraits with...

Click here to see Tanmaya Bingham's video interview for the National Times with time lapse photos that was created to compliment the article. Note- please scroll until you see Tanmaya's work of a man with his hands over his face. Click on this and Voila!

2009 NORTHCOTE LEADER: Art's invasion of High St.

by Julia Irwin

June 19, 2009

EXPOSING yourself to art is as simple as going to the High St shops in Northcote later this month.

High Views, featuring multimedia installations in 30 shops along the strip, is among the highlights of Darebin’s annual Northern Exposure visual arts festival, starting June 19...


by Kate Megraw

January 23, 2009

Well-known contemporary art dealer and gallery owner Linda Durham has an annual show that she calls “Houseguests.” It is a show of guest artists who, she explained, “are friends, people you'd like to spend time with, even though they don't necessarily fit into the gallery all the time.

2009 ABQ FREE PRESS: Arts and Entertainment

by Karen Lanier

January 28, 2009

Tanmaya Bingham's work Offering includes a self-portrait. She is one of four artists featured at Linda Durham Contemporary Art's show entitled Houseguests 2009...

2005 THE REPORTER: Almost Famous

by Zabe Fischer

October 01, 2005

COMING OUT TO A BIG VIEW- Fourteen young artists received a debutante's ball of an opening reception last weekend when The Future of Fine Art, Emerging Young Artists of New Mexico was launched at the Gerald Peters Gallery...

2005 WORONI: Art of Photography

by Sarah Firth

July 01, 2005

From the first show, Tanmaya's installation of large, suspended oil paintings and disk shaped floor works was visually striking. The deeply spiritual paintings were arranged somewhat like an alter...

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