COSMIC GARDEN (gold stamped) is an interpretation of the opposing and dual urges experienced in love...


Cosmic Garden (Gold Stamped)  

 The latest evolution of striking, memorable work from international artist Tanmaya Bingham is her interpretation of the opposing and dual urges experienced in love. Bingham has created her series Cosmic Garden [Gold Stamped], 2018 with colored pencil and mixed media on panel.


This visually engaging work explores modern and classic themes of love among a backdrop of convergence of the otherworldly and the earthbound, resulting in a startling effect. The name of this body of work and the subject matter both illustrate how the captivating cosmos can converge with the familiar and earthly garden.


In this crisply executed series of paintings, Bingham seamlessly blends iconic corporate logos and fantasy imagery with classical poses inspired by styles and fashions of the 18th century to articulate a compelling aesthetic contrast. 


Adding to the richness and complexity of the work is the melodic light green sky juxtaposed with contrasting black voids, abstract cosmic swirls of ether, and playful puffs of glistening bubbles.  All of this builds a cosmic, fertile garden within the artwork.


Bold slices of twinkling gold glitter illuminate each panel, “representative [of] the golden honey of love that spills out when you realize that the key facet of love is not about getting rid of the duality that is present, but embracing that duality," according to the artist.